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Kerry the Kangaroo started out as Kenny the Kangaroo, until I found out that male Kangaroos do not have pouches. The adventures of Kenny the Kangaroo were short stories for my daughter Emmie. We even had a theme tune! I would tell Emmie the adventures of Kenny while illustrating on an A4 pad. I decided to put the stories on paper, and hopefully one day I can have them published. .

The stories follow Kerry and Scraggy around the world helping their friends with items that they get from Kerry’s magic pouch. The books are aimed at 4 to 9 year olds although during my research older children have enjoyed them too. I have given copies of the printed books to local children and family and I have created a Kerry the Kangaroo Facebook group. encouraging feedback. Kerry and Scraggy are written with humour and as the adventures visit world landmarks, they encourage children to learn.
Download the books for free from this site and others will follow shortly

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